Board Of Trustees

  • Regular Meetings: 4:30pm - First Wednesday of the Month* 

    Board Agenda and Policies

    Area 1: Joe Oliveira 
    First Term: 2008
    Current Term: 2020

    Area 2: Sheree Deniz
    First Term: 2016
    Current Term: 2020
    2024 Board President

    Area 3: VACANT  
    If you are a registered voter in Area 3 and are interested in a position on the
    Kit Carson Board of Trustees, please contact

    Area 4: Daniel Augusto
    First Term: 2022
    Current Term: 2022
    2024 Clerk of the Board

    Area 5: Richard Tipton
    First Term: 2022 
    Current Term: 2022 

    *The Kit Carson Union Elementary School Board holds regular Board Meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at 4:30pm, except in January and July. Special Board meetings may be held at varying times, as needed, with the Agenda for a special meeting being available 24 hours prior to the meeting. In June (and sometimes in December), the State of California requires two Board meetings to allow Kit Carson stakeholders to review and provide input on important documents prior to Board action.

    For more information, please contact Erika Bassett, Director of Administrative Services


    Trustee Boundaries