Eureka School Bell Monument Project

    We are now in possession of the Eureka school bell!
    The bell rang for students at Eureka school from 1893 until 1952 when that school, along with Willow Grove and others, were joined to create the Kit Carson School District.

    IN THE NEWS:  Half-Century Mystery Solved: Missing School  Bell Resurfaces

  •  Foundation For The Monument

    Robert, Carlos and Andy dug out and poured the foundation for the monument.  The foundation is 12"x12"x12".  
    They also poured cement for an area around the slab to allow room for people to walk around the 


     Monument Frame

     R-n-R welding manufactured the monument frame, brought 
    it to Kit Carson and installed it in it's place



                                        Mclard Masonry surprised us over spring break and layed 
    the brick for the base of the Bell Monument! It looks great!                                                                                                                     


    Prepping the Base

    R-n-R welding is back again to level the base for the bell install.  Next they
    will bring a large metal plate and bell mount to place on the brick foundation!  
    We are almost there......!


    Installing the Bell! 


    Job Well done!


    Commemorative Brick Added for the Finishing Touch!


    Schools Out For the Summer!  
    Ringing the Bell on the Last Day of School 2017