• At Kit Carson School Students Come First!

     Core Beliefs

    Promoting Student Learning and Achievement:

    • We believe that students should feel safe to share their ideas and opinions.
    • We believe that families should be given regular feedback on their student's academic 
      perfermance and that students will be held accountable for their learning.

    Providing a Safe Learning Environment:

    • We believe in promoting respectful relationships between all members of the school sommunity
    • We believe in well-maintained school equipment and facilities
    • We believe in ensuring the safety of all students

    Mainting High Quality Personnel:

    • We believe in maintaining high expectations for personnel and in holding them accountable
      for their performance.
    • We believe that each employee is valued and that teamwork and positive attitude are essential.
    • We believe that highly trained staff members are necessary for student success.
    • We believe that all staff members have the responsibility to be good role models for our students


    • We believe in open lines of communication throughout the school community.
    • We believe that the school community should have the opportunity to provide input into the direction of the district.

    Prudent Management of School Financial Resources:

    • We believe that the budget should support a high quality curriculum
    • We believe that the district resources should be administered effectively for the future growth as well
      as the immediate needs of the district.


    Kit Carson Union Elementary School District exists to promote student learning and achievement:

    • Students are offered a well-rounded education that includes academics, music, art, and sports.
    • A competent and highly qualified teacher teaches each student.
    • Each student is taught grade level standards every day.
    • Students are offered opportunities for leadership.
    • Staff is attentive to the emotional needs of students.
    • Parents have the opportunity to meet with staff to discuss the progress of their child.

    A safe learning and working environment exists for students, staff and families:

    • Students and staff feel that the school is a safe and nurturing environment, where all people are valued and respected.
    • Rules are clear and consistently enforced
    • Facilities and equipment are up-to-date and well maintained.

    Competent, highly qualified staff is maintained to support student success:

    • Hires, trains and retains competent, enthusiastic, highly qualified staff who serve as role models for our students.
    • Values, supports and provides opportunities for the professional growth of staff and the governance team.
    • Engourages and provides opportunities for staff members to work together to promote student learning.

    Effective communication creates a predictable environment where excellence thrives:

    • There are multiple ways for the school community to communicate and work together to support students.
    • Technology is utilized to foster effective communication among the entire Kit Carson community.
    • Parent and community involvement is actively solicited, sought, encouraged and promoted.

    Prudent management of school financial resources benefits our students:

    • The Kit Carson budget supports a high quality curriculum.
    • District resources are administered effectively.
    • The budget process considers future growth as well as immediate needs.