• Your child will be given a homework packet on Mondays in a blue homework folder to complete.  They have all week to complete the packet.  The packet consists of nightly reading for 15 minutes (please initial the reading card in the packet), spelling practices, and math.  

    A behavior chart is included in the homework folder weekly.  Please initial and return on Fridays. 

    Homework is due on Fridays.


     For the week of December 3, 2018

    2nd Grade spelling: 

    near  dear  ear  deer  steer  cheer  verb  perch  here  where  appear  inside  behind  first  December


    3rd grade Spelling:

    bark  shorts  sharp  sore  hard  storms  yard  sport  sharks  porch  pour  story  chore  wore  carve


    Reading homework is 15 minutes nightly.