Important Links


    Action Request Links

    Technology Work Order Request Form
    This tech work order is automatically sent to the Technology Support Specialist. Please be detailed.

    Website Change Request Form
    This request form should be used any time you need to change information on the website. 

    Report of Employee Injury/Illness Report (Workers Comp)
    Employees should use this form if they ever need to report an injury or illness, as soon as they are able. Any necessary first aid or medical care should be sought first. Please contact the office as soon as you can to alert us of the injury/illness.  

    Time Off Request Form 
    Submit a time off request. We do have days that we discourage employees from taking time off and days that we will not approve time off unless it's an emergency. Click here for the Leave Planning calendar. This is a living document and the dates may change based on confirmed events. Most requests are processed by Mr. McClelland and are approved by Mrs. Jones or her designee. It is your responsibility to find a sub to cover your shift. If you can't find coverage, contact your manager to assist. You may have to cancel your planned leave if you cannot secure coverage of your shift. 

    Work Order Request Form
    This work order is automatically sent to the Director of Maintenance and Transportation. Please be detailed.

    Purchase Order Request Form
    Use this form to submit all purchase requests.

    Expense Reimbursement Form
    Use this form to submit an expense reimbursement request to the business office. Please submit original store receipts after submission.

    Voluntary Payroll Deduction Enrollment/Cancellation Form 
    This form, which enrolls, cancels or updates a Voluntary Payroll Deduction, is automatically sent to the Business Office for processing at the next available payroll window.   

    Conference Request Form
    This form submits a request to management regarding possible conference attendance. 

    Request for Unit Credit for Salary Advancement
    Units must be pre-approved and upper division. 

    Field Trip Request Form
    Use this form to request field trips - once you submit it will automatically be sent to administration for review.  


    Employee/Employment Related Links

    Master Calendar

    Staff Handbook

    Contact Information Update 
    Updates personal contact information and emergency information for both our Student Information and Financial Management systems. 

    Safe Schools Safety Training
    Complete your annual safety training on time and with ease using our new safety training platform! Login information is your employee email address and password is the first five letters of your email address.     

    W-4 Form
    The W-4 form is used to change your Federal withholdings (which directly affects how much taxes are withheld from your monthly paychecks.) If you need assistance, please contact your preferred tax professional. The business office can assist with only general questions. Due to the 2020 updates on the W-4 form, the IRS also released a Tax Withholding Estimator to help employees figure out the appropriate deductions for their income.   

    California DE-4 Form
    The DE-4 form controls your State withholdings. You will also need to complete the W-4 form for your Federal withholdings.

    W-9 Form
    The W-9 form is used for referee purposes only.

    Mandated Reporter Form
    Employees must make a telephone report immediately when the employee observes a child in his/her professional capacity or within the scope of his/her employment and has knowledge of, or has reasonable suspicion that the child has been abused. Employees must phone in the report and follow up with a written report within 36 hours of the phone call. Hanford Police Department at (559) 582-2540, or Kings County Child Welfare Services hotline at (559) 852-2000.  


    Other Links

    Employee Vaccination Survey
    In order to comply with the August 11, 2021 order by the California Public Health Officer Order, a power granted to them in December 2019 through AB262, we formally request your response to the following verification survey.   

    COVID-19 Self Certification Form
    A certification form for you to determine if you might have COVID.