• SmartFind is our districts way of blocking off approved leave and requesting a substitute to fill your absence. Once your Request for Time Off (form linked here) is approved, you'll need to go to SmartFind to book your absence and to request a substitute (if necessary.) Follow these simple directions to submit your absence. 

    1. Click here to be taken to the SmartFind website.

    This link will open a new window so that you can continue to follow along. 


    2. Login. 
    Use your employee ID to log in to your account. 
    Use your pin number as your password. 
    *If you haven't set up your SmartFind account, please see Valerie in the office.


    3. Click Create an Absence.




    4.  Key your information. 
    Many of the fields should automatically populate with your information. Key the date(s) that you are requesting and the time that you will be gone and/or need converage. If you have been approved to request a substitute or have already secured a substitute, that information will also be on this screen for you to enter. 



    5. Click Continue. 


    6. Review your absence information. 



    7. Create Absence. 


    8. Confirm with your supervisor and office staff that you have created your absence. 


    When you return from your absence:

    Employee Web is a tool that links to the system used by the business office. The information you report here will be directly linked to your absence profile once submitted. This is the most efficient way of accurately reporting your absence. Employee web has past paycheck subs, sick leave totals and other important employee information.


    1. Log on to Employee Web.


    2. Click Online Forms. 


    3. Report the time you actually took off and any notes for your supervisor/the business office, who will review and approve your absence. 


    4. Submit your report of absence.