• Reading is Important!

  •    "Warning! Books contain words.  When words are consumed in sentences and stories, your child's brain will grow and develop.  Reading may result in a larger VOCABULARY, expanding IMAGINATION,or good GRADES!  Keep in reach of children."


       The more your child reads, the better he or she will become at reading. I assign an individualized reading goal for each of my students based upon his or her independent reading level.   He or she is expected to read 20-30 minutes per night to achieve this goal by the end of each trimester.  The percentage of the goal met is calculated into the student's reading grade.   

        I do not expect my students to read at their instructional level for enjoyment. Usually the instructional level is more difficult and will cause most students to become frustrated and give up on reading for pleasure.

       We also keep an ongoing chart in class to show progress toward the reading goal! I reward students who have met their goal at the end of each trimester.