Welcome to Mrs. Chrisman’s 2nd Grade Class! I want your child to have a fun, exciting, and successful year in 2nd Grade. The following information will hopefully be a great help to you in understanding what I expect from your child.

    I believe establishing good classroom behavior plan is essential to each child's success, confidence, and well-being. I hope with my guidance and yours, your children will develop self-discipline, good work habits and think independently.  

    This year we will be using a web based behavioral website called ClassDojo.  ClassDojo is a new teacher tool I will be using to help build your student’s learning habits and boost classroom engagement.


    ClassDojo allows me to track student behavior and learning skills throughout the day!  As a parent you can log in throughout the day and check on your child's behavior.   During the day students can earn positive of negative points for their behaviors.  My hope is that this will bring you and me closer together and help you better understand the progress of your student on a week to week basis.                             

     Meaning of the Behavior Chart Colors

    Pink ~ Outstanding Day (5 or more positive points)

    Purple~ Great Day (3-4 positive points)

    Blue ~ Good Day (1-2 positive points)

    Green ~ Ready to Learn (0 positive points)

    Yellow ~ Warning (1-2 negative points)

    Orange~5 minute timeout at recess (3-4 negative points)

    Red~ Lunch Detention (5 or more negative points)



    If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me at 582-2843 or jmcmahan@kings.k12.ca.us



    Mrs. Chrisman